It is the TOP thermographic system of the range that allows a complete check-up of the body: the thermographic analysis of cellulite and adiposity on the abdomen, arms and calves.


It includes 6 high resolution thermographic plates, reusable and extremely sensitive to different body temperatures. It comes with an Apple iPad tablet with application dedicated to recording and assisted interpretation of the results of the thermographic test.

Adicell Thermo

This is the first thermographic system combining the early detection and classification of cellulite on the legs to the identification of abdominal adiposity, thus allowing to obtain the best results from each aesthetic treatment.


Adicell Thermo is supplied with 4 high-resolution plates and one tablet to record thermographic images and test results.

CelluTest Tablet

New professional thermographic system for cellulite analysis, supplied with Android tablet and with a specific app.


In this way, it will be even easier to take a picture of the thermographic image and to store it with client data and test results on your tablet.

Cell-Meter professional

This is a professional system supplied with thermographic plates having a STANDARD RESOLUTION and specifically conceived for the professional beauty center.


The plates are available in three different thermal gradients and provided with a useful measuring tape to take the leg circumference.


Test results can be noted manually on the cards or directly on the specialist’s PC thanks to the special software supplied with the kit.


Celluvision Plus

It is a basic thermographic kit for the analysis of cellulite. It comes with 2 re-usable liquid crystal plates, with a soft and flexible support, which allow to get a panoramic view of the level of cellulite.


To carry out tests during and after the treatment, the results of the thermographic analysis can be recorded on the registration forms supplied with the kit.

Professional custom system

IPS also proposes personalized systems (plate design and/or packaging) to customers wishing to offer their own-branded thermographic system, combined with their cosmetic line or equipment.


Several solutions are available or can be developed on demand.